Amazing location


The location of our villas in Sivota is ideal!

Perched on the slopes of the verdant hills of Sivota and overlooking the beautiful natural harbor, our villas boast a unique setting. The hills around the harbor are dotted with luxurious villas that are perfect for a relaxing stay at Sivota.

The harbor of Sivota, where many yachts moor every summer, is one of the most cosmopolitan spots in the village. It’s also the perfect place for a romantic sunset walk! The picturesque harbor is lined with restaurants, cafes, and bars, where you can enjoy a drink or a meal by the sea. Close to the harbor, you’ll find a selection of amenities, such as convenient stores, supermarkets, bakeries, souvenir shops, and an ATM.

Being secluded, yet close enough to the town of Sivota, our villas offer a peaceful accommodation experience, away from the hustle and bustle. The location of our villas is ideal for those who want to enjoy a private and peaceful stay in nature.

Immerse yourself in relaxation at Arriva Villas!