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Welcome to our villas in Lefkada!

Nestled in the verdant hills of Sivota lie Arriva villas, a complex of 4 luxurious villas that blend smoothly into the natural landscape. Our stone-made villas are fully equipped and boast terrific vistas of both sea and nature. They are generously spacious and designed to accommodate the needs of families, couples or groups of friends. Constructed to make you feel at home, Arriva villas have a laid-back atmosphere, which is ideal for those who want to escape the pressure of modern life and enjoy relaxing vacations.

Built with a real eye for design, Arriva Villas combine traditional architecture with modern elements. Their luxurious simplicity and convenient layout make them an ideal getaway for those who seek privacy, without sacrificing comfort. The high-end facilities of our villas include private pools, a private bar for our guests, a barbeque, fully equipped kitchens, spacious bedrooms and stone-made patios with breathtaking views!

Every detail is executed with taste, valuing our visitors’ comfort. Villa Harmony, Villa Euphoria, Villa Serenity and Villa Tranquility lie in the same verdant property. All of them offer the utmost privacy to our guests!

Just imagine relaxing at the stone-made patio, watching clouds and ships drifting by, taking refreshing plunges in the pool, organizing barbeque parties with your friends and family, getting away from it all in a remote retreat in the heart of nature… The idyllic surroundings and the impeccable style of Arriva Villas will offer you a timeless holiday experience in Syvota!

Arriva villas will awaken your senses!



Our Facilities

We value the comfort and privacy of our guests! That’s why Arriva Villas are equipped with modern facilities that ensure an unforgettable accommodation experience.

Our Villas

A valuable accommodation experience in nature.

Luxurious simplicity meets traditional hospitality in the natural paradise of Sivota…


The location of our villas in Sivota is ideal! Perched on the slopes of the verdant hills of Sivota, overlooking the stunning natural harbor, our villas boast a unique setting. The hills around the harbor are dotted with luxurious villas that are perfect for a relaxing in Sivota.

Sivota harbor, where many yachts moor every summer, is one of the most cosmopolitan spots in the village. It’s also the perfect place for a romantic walk in the sunset.