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The beaches in Lefkada are stunning!

Standing out for their exotic ambiance, endless shores, and breathtaking natural surroundings, Lefkada’s beaches are hands down some of the best beaches in Greece. Besides, who could resist their glistening sand, turquoise waters and dramatic rocky backdrops?

Let’s discover the best beaches in Lefkada!


Egremni Beach

Egremni is one of the most popular and photogenic beaches in Lefkada. Located 40 km southwest of Lefkada Town, this beach boasts a stunning natural setting, with fine white sand, shining pebbles, and crystal clear waters. It is surrounded by barren cliffs. To reach Egremni beach walk down 325 steps and you are at the shore!


Porto Katsiki Beach

Porto Katsiki is one of the top 10 beaches not only in Greece but also in the Mediterranean! It is located 45 km southwest of Lefkas Town, the island’s capital, and is arguably one of the most popular beaches in Lefkada. Insulated by steep white cliffs and having the characteristic deep blue waters of the Ionian, Porto Katsiki boasts a breathtaking setting! This sandy beach is organized with umbrellas and sunbeds. To reach it, simply walk down the steps that lead to the beach.


Agios Ioannis Beach

Agios Ioannis is very popular, mainly due to its short distance from Lefkas Town and its reputation of being one of the best beaches for windsurfing in Lefkada. Located a few kilometers from Lefkas Town, Agios Ioannis is easily accessible by car. Like the rest of the island’s beaches, Agios Ioannis boasts an exotic landscape. Many meters of sand cover the shore, while the sea has a beautiful emerald color... The trademark of Agios Ioannis is the traditional windmills on the beach - a mesmerizing aura!


Kathisma Beach

Kathisma beach is another popular beach in Lefkada! It is located 15 km southwest of the island’s capital, close to Agios Nikitas village. Kathisma boasts one of the longest stretches of sandy shores of Lefkada with its sparkling turquoise waters. Surrounded by mountains, Kathisma beach offers a feeling of seclusion, though at times it can be overcrowded.